Peter and Tania Nicolaidis look forward to serving you.

We are Ray and Donna and we are proud parents of two grown boys Simon and Adam. With us is Buddy, our fun-loving family dog.

Prior to owning Marten River Lodge, we have lived in different parts of Canada including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec and are proud to say we have friends and family all across this beautiful country. We both worked in the broadcasting industry for many years – Ray in marketing, production and sales – and Donna in finance. Individually, we have also worked in real estate, advertising, technology and non-profit volunteer service industries. One of the benefits of our collective work experiences is the countless opportunities we’ve had to engage with people in the many communities we served. As we grew through many new life and career experiences together, two things remained constant – our love of people and our passion for the outdoors. 

Both of us are avid anglers. Before the kids came into our lives, our personal record together was 14 hours straight on the water!! More than two decades ago, Ray visited a fishing camp and fell in love with the notion of one day owning a lodge. Over the years, the dream became a pursuit and after more than 30 years working in the corporate world and raising our family, we decided it was time for a change; a change that would allow us the opportunity to combine our respective talents, common passion and a lifestyle that embodies both.Hosts Ray and Donna Marten River Lodge

Life is an adventure and while many people talk about their dreams, few muster the courage to pursue them. Sometimes life makes the decision for you. Someone once said “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” Well, we dared to dream big and today, we are proud to have taken up the reigns at Marten River Lodge and to carry on the long history and tradition of outstanding customer service, exceptional fishing and memorable Northern Ontario wilderness vacation experiences.

One thing about dreams…you never quite know where they will take you. After 8 amazing seasons now, we have met so many new people and made so many new friends - literally from around the world! We could not have imagined this nor experienced this had we not made this change in our lives. We have shared countless stories, laughter, milestones and celebrations with people from almost every corner of the globe. They arrive as strangers and leave as friends. The smiles on their faces and the memories we’ve helped build for them are genuine - and that’s what makes this experience so rewarding for us.

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the owners who preceded us and who’s hard work and dedication earned Marten River Lodge the credibility it enjoys and the endearment of so many. George & Audrey Beach (1933-1962), Marj and Len James (1962-1968), Terry & May Fisher (1968 to 1988), Scott Marlatt (1988-1995), Phil & Gretel Cracknel (1995-2007) and Tom & Nadine Rinow (2007-2012). Each of these people put their hearts into making MRL a truly special place and we proudly carry on this legacy in their names.

Many employees, associates and suppliers over the years have lent their talents, services, skills and guidance to MRL– far too many to list here. We are blessed with the support and dedication of our remarkable staff, our two boys Simon and Adam, and feel fortunate to be able to rely on friends and partners who always respond when help is needed. 

We are truly grateful for this gift and opportunity. We look forward each year to welcoming new and returning visitors and to forging meaningful relationships with our many valued guests, friends and patrons of this time-honoured, premier northern Ontario resort.

We look forward to the privilege of serving you and to your joining us soon for a memorable visit and your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure!

Kindest regards,
Ray and Donna